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    What is Case Beacon?

    Case/Matter & Practice management system for more profitable Law Firms

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    What is Case Beacon?

    Manage documents easily and quickly

    Organize Case/Matter preparation activities

    Easy, secure data room setup

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    What is Case Beacon?

    Collaborate with all parties involved

    Transparent timeline view of events

    Reduce unbilled hours with easy time clock feature

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    What is Case Beacon?

    Bank-grade security and confidentiality

    Check conflict-of-interest across all cases/clients

    Works on any device on any network

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    What is Case Beacon?

    Increase profitability through view of cash flow

    Create Trust/Operating accounts

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We use three types of security. Like the Banks, SSL is used to encrypt data between your browser and the server. On top of this, we use Asymmetric and Symmetric encryption algorithms to secure the data. We provide you the ability to choose your own encryption password which is never stored in the system, thus providing extremely high levels of security.

Get visibility into the Cash Pipeline & Cash Bottlenecks with real time Billed & Non-billed Time and Material Reports, Utilization-Realization Report etc. Billed Vs Non-billed report maintains the working hours per user and gets a summary view at the multiple levels.

Attach documents to events recorded in any event category, like Proceedings Activities, Case /Matter History & General Communications . Select from one up-to All documents to download as individual files or one zipped file. These are available on the TimeLines as well.

Configure the Law Firm to manage Trust Accounts and Operating accounts, according to the firm's needs. Also, create Sub Trust and Sub-Operating Accounts, as needed.

Law Firms can generate their invoices based on events that are closed. A Flexible billing process allows the Clients and Law Firms to discuss and record any issues within the invoice itself. Law firms have the ability to set billing rates per case. They can also apply discounts and modify billing amounts as needed.

Record time spent across several cases using Start/Pause/Stop features using multiple clocks. Alternatively, record time and materials after the fact. Review and approve Bills before they are sent to the Clients.

Users can schedule tasks either for themselves or another user and track them. These are integrated into the events management process, thus providing triple benefits of recording event, scheduling the task/event and tracking of that task/event by the person assigned to the task and others who are dependent on the task being completed.

Users can to pick and choose any or all events that are visible to them and store them in a Timeline. These Timelines include events where the Clients and Law Firms get ready for major events like Deposition, Settlement and Hearing, or simply for a Personal Reference. Access all information relating to the event from these Timelines.

Law Firms can select one or more users that will be associated with the case. They can grant access for collaboration or information update from all involved parties (Private Detectives / Witnesses etc). Moreover, grant access to client proxies as needed.

Security Yes Description
Data Protection in the Cloud ok
  • PassKey Locks and Unlocks Data
  • One Time PassKey Generation By Every
  • User PassKey Locks and Unlocks Data
  • PassKeys Never Stored or Shared
  • Even We cannot Unlock your Data
Data Protected while travelling from Browser to the Cloud ok
  • Bank grade encryption using SSL
  • Encryption for data in motion
Logs ok
  • Logs Changes for Auditability
Practice Management Yes Description
Monitor and Manage Cash Flow and Productivity ok
  • Invoices & Payments Management with Drill Down Tracking
  • Law Firm Level Attorney level Case Level
  • Billed / Unbilled Cash Management
  • As Above
  • Staff Activities Management
  • As Above
  • Staff Productivity Management
  • As Above
  • Utilization / Realization Management
  • As Above
Invoice Controls ok
  • Control Invoice release
  • Log any negotiation on Invoice
Accounting Software Integration ok
  • Download Data and import into other accounting systems
  • Download into Excel, CSV or PDF files
Client Payments ok
  • Take Payments by CC / Cash / Check
  • Record Off Line Payments from Clients
  • Take Payments Online from Clients
Calendar ok
  • Calendar to show who is where
  • Get Free / Busy Times
Case Management Yes Description
Cases Organization ok
  • Case History (Record Case History),
  • Court Proceedings (Record / View past and upcoming court related events
  • General Communications (communicate with other members, raise invoices, record payments)
Conflict of Interest ok
  • Check for Conflict of Interest
  • Check to see if the caller has been an opponent
  • Check to see if caller's opponent has been a client
Add Members to Case ok
  • Add members as you go
  • Full or partial access to past events
3rd Party Access ok
  • Provide Access to 3rd party contributors
  • Doctors, Private Investigators etc.
  • Control Access to case details
Control who gets to see what ok
  • Control who should have access to the case
  • Control What they see update
  • Record Personal notes and do not share
Calendar ok
  • Calendar Functionality for all
  • Book Conference Rooms
  • Personal view only for Clients / 3rd Party
  • Integrated with timer to track if all timer events have been recorded in a case
Tasks ok
  • Tracks Deadlines
  • Alerts for Upcoming events
Timer ok
  • Real time recording of time spent on case
  • Easily Track and Manage Unbilled time
Transfer Cases ok
  • Easily Transfer Case between Lawyers
  • One Click Complete Case Transfer
Time Lines ok
  • Create and preserve Time Lines for Case
  • Get Ready for Deposition
  • Get Ready for Settlement
  • Get Ready for Hearing
  • Personal Reference
Contacts ok
  • Maintain Contacts
  • Associate Contacts with Case
Proceedings Template ok
  • Save time by creating proceedings template
  • Create Multiple Templates
  • Customize your template